Feb 3, 2021 – LIGURIA Back to Yellow Zone!

After the second wave of the pandemic, Italy has been divided in colours and depending on the Covid trend, each region has his different color which gives us a guide to better understand what can and cannot be done.

Liguria became Yellow again (probability of transmission of the virus in a numerical value that relates the current symptomatic with the possible new infections is <1.0) and it basically means that:

  • All the shops are open
  • Bars and Restaurants are open until 6pm whit the possibility to get take away food from 6pm to 10pm
  • Curfew between 10pm to 5am
  • Gyms and Ski resorts remain closed
  • Free movements within the region

Unfortunately travel between regions instead, even if they are both yellow in color, is still not allowed until the 15th of February unless you have a valid reason such as working, health or study purposes.

In this case you will have to carry with you a self declaration (you can find an english version on the link here below)

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Self declaration for movements within ITALY.